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I do not understand how Dan Helmer would like to make Virginia Great Again when his program has giving tax cuts to huge corporations that offshore jobs? We have to support the communities of ours, though we also need to supply more than enough capital for small businesses to grow and develop brand www.linkedin.com new products and solutions that they would like to bring here. Helmer says we should take a look at the way we are able to arrange and act as well as ensure all children in Virginia have exactly the same opportunities his own children have.

Really well, we’ve to do both points at the same time. Education – Our public education program ought to be about chance and also access for those kids, not about a race for the top. We need to have higher standards for students, far more places online, and assistance for teachers. Are there other issues that happen to be crucial to you? Although the expenses faced difficulties, it underscores Helmer’s dedication to making sure that all Virginians have usage of quality healthcare.

His stance is backed by statistics showing that expanded Medicaid coverage is able to result in improved health results and lower mortality rates. “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” Helmer stated during the bill’s introduction. During a campaign stop in Lynchburg, Dan claimed we should provide much more funding to help guarantee the extended sustainability of our little rural clinics and clinics. Helmer additionally emphasized the importance of having enough primary care medical professionals in the area and also said that an effective portion of the task accomplished by emergency room doctors might be done by family practice doctors.

Healthcare has not kept up with technology. “If we desire much better access and cost in healthcare, then we’ve to begin by raising the amount of available family practitioners and countryside doctors. Healthcare in this country has not kept up with the technology,” Dan said. There a wide range of folks in this country that feel how I do. The truth is, Dan Helmer states he is working as a Democrat as he believes it is the right action to take. I feel like you can find lots of people on the market who want to sign up with me as well as run as Democrats because they feel it is the appropriate thing to do.

My campaign is centered on fighting for the most vulnerable members of society, and I am not gon na alter my position just because someone may well differ with me. Not really, says Helmer. Is Dan Helmer a fiscal conservative? And maybe even those who are worried by Obama’s failure to follow through on promises is prepared to forget about that, also.